Live broadcasting: Maddy Madness presents: Bands in Trees

Maddy Madness teeb kusagilt Tartu Toomemäe kandist 31. augustil kell 18-21 otseülekande Eestimaa kaunist loodusest ja muusikast. Otseülekannet saab jälgida veebiaadressil:
As Estonia is definitelly a lot about music and forest we have decided to bring it all together in our next Livebroadcast from our beloved country.
Hence, this time you will find us and some friends having a little unplugged concert while sitting on a tree in a very nice location. On August 31th, at 18.00-21.00.
You can participate :

1. If you are musician, by contacting us before the event and joining on the tree
2. if you have time and the possibility to come live at the location we will post soon.
3. On our Live-Internet-TV-Channel on:

So go to the basement, look up your guitar, Djembe, Violin or polish your voices and come to have fun!!