Live broadcasting – Fishing competition at Plaani, Estonia

Linask (tinca tinca). Foto:

Attend tomorrow an event live-broadcasted in the internet!

Our country Estonia has about 1500 bigger lakes and the biggest one of them is considered to have among the most abundant fish stocks in Europe. So this time we want to show you a little bit of how nice it looks to spend an evening outside with friends at a beautiful lake in an uncrowded nature.
…And to prove the rumour that in Estonia everyone is able to catch a fish within the first 10 minutes let´s give it a try.

Take a guess who is the fastest fisherman and write it to the event wall on Facebook!/event.php?eid=126965734053372.
And among all the ones that have joined our group AND guessed right we will raffle a free weekend at Plaani Lodge for 2 persons ( live broadcasted).
The competition:
Participants from six different countries all over the world are trying their luck in catching a fish as fast as possible. Every participant catches only one fish and will be scored by the time he manages. But the winner is maybe you, right there.

The participants:
1. Zhang Xiaotian ( China)
2. Zuzu Gul ( Azerbaijan)
3. Maddy Madness ( Mainland Estonia)
4. Maarja-Liisa Käärid ( Saaremaa Island)
5. Ingo Dentz ( Germany)
6. Bob Armstrong ( United Kingdom)

The price in details:
1 free weekend for 2 persons at Plaani Lodge, the cosy holiday farm of Bob and Juta.( Included are trip to Suur Munamägi (Estonian highest point), fishing, barbecue in the evening, accomodation in a beautiful appartment, breakfast on Sunday morning.

Live-Broadcasting via Internet:

Broadcasting starting from 20:00 Estonian time (19.00 in Germany) tomorrow on June 18th.

The link for the live-broadcast:

If anyone wants to join as a live audience please contact Ingo Dentz via Facebook or Estonian phone +372 56771236.